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Green Remedy Collective

Retail, Delivery

We hired Dylan as a consultant when we suddenly lost our Purchasing Manager and found ourselves without a buyer and inventory manager. When Dylan came aboard he completely revamped our purchasing SOPs, organized our inventory storage, and digitized all of our paperwork. He took us from the “old buyer days” and created a systematic, report-based, and accounting-friendly purchasing system, which is adaptable and accessible to all qualified personnel. Since then, our shrinkage has decreased, inventory reconciliations are now very efficient, and purchasing decisions are based on very specific metrics with broad input on new inventory decisions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to fill their purchasing void or wanting to create a responsible and efficient purchasing system.

Dylan was also extremely helpful in launching our marketing efforts and because of his reputation and relationships in the industry, he was able to procure many significant distribution partnerships for us. He was always professional and courteous and truly led our team through which would have otherwise been a very challenging time. Can't say enough good things about the guy, truly.

Founders and Owners

- Darrin & Alexis Dosh


UpNorth Humboldt

Manufacturing, Distribution

"During periods of market irregularities Dylan has on numerous occasions helped UpNorth maintain its brand integrity and supply chain in a unique and invaluable way. From brand development to supply chain maintenance Dylan has never failed us."
Founder and CEO
-Geoffrey Hoopes

Image by Maros Misove

The Plant

Manufacturing, Bulk Sales ​

"Dylan and his colleagues have mastered the delicate balance between legacy operations, and the nuanced factors that drive market winners today. With their guidance, we've developed formulas that have well prepared us to emerge with exciting products that will inspire waves in the industry for years to come."
Director of Sales and Marketing
-Matthew Hawes

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