2020 The Year of the Hash-Hole

2020 had all of our consumption habits virtually maxed out. People with more time and cannabis on hand than at any point in retail cannabis history took to the internet to get the most out of their high. What did they find? They found Hash-Holes, and we are all obsessed.

The Hash-Hole has proven to be an elusive item. Handcrafted, paired to perfection, rolled with soul and intent, and impossible to light with a bic lighter. The Hash-Hole boasts a heavy weight and hefty price. They are often averaging in the hundreds of dollars for a single unit. With the essential raw ingredients being, an 8th of the headiest flower available and 1 gram of Live Rosin quickly puts you over $200.

My indulgence in the Hash-Hole has a long history. In 2017 I quickly realized the Hash-Hole's wide frame enables you to get a much bolder terpene profile analysis as a connoisseur. The immediate rush of cannabinoids and terpenes will leave an impression on the palette you aren't soon to forget. Is it function? Is it form? Should we not finally have something that is both?

One thing the Hash-Hole has proven to be is something I have referenced as "retail proof." There to date has not been a genuinely successful Hash-Hole brought to market. Frankly, it's probably best that way. When it comes to a smoke session with this much dollar value and effort invested, you do not want to put that trust in anyone but yourself. Without the ability to offer a scalable production model that considers the individualized process of rolling, it doesn't seem any mainstream brands will be selling you $250-$500 prerolls anytime soon. Well, not any that will be worth it.

So how do you roll your own? What do you need? Here are some tips, tricks, and products I use personally. Always remember, a strong foundation is everything in life as a whole. This scenario is no different. Properly form your base and crutch and stress test them several times. If it's not right, start over. I personally prefer the "Fatty XL Tip" from Organitips. Keep some nitrile-free gloves around to keep your extracts contaminant-free during their manipulation. Ensure your flower is even across your entire rolling platform of choice. In later steps, this will be critical in where your extracts rest inside your Joint or Backwood itself.

Remember, this method produces unbelievable expressions of your favorite strains, so smoke slowly, get familiar, and always remember puff-puff pass is banned. If possible, pair your flower and extracts with intent. If you strategically purchase your material following the concept of Lemon on Lemon, Cake on Cake, Runtz on Runtz that will further bolden those fantastic expressions to their fullest potential.

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