A New Generation of Edibles

For the first several years of Adult-Use Cannabis, edible consumers perhaps took the most drastic hit regarding product offerings out of any other demographic. With core demographics stemming from medicinally associated needs, the sharp drop in Cannabis content became a quick sticking point among California consumers. Manufacturers are looking to innovate after years spent perfecting dosing variants between batches and securing supply chains. Let's explore who I think is going to make the next big waves.

Before we talk about who, we must discuss the why; a typical edible experience is a rapid spike in only Delta9 T.H.C. provided by Distillate coupled with a heavy dose of sugar, leading to a generally unpleasant experience. These products begin to have diminished return regarding value and potency due to low bioavailability caused by heavy sweetening and heavy preservatives in their recipe. This manufacturing method causes an inaccurate Dollar to milligram ratio and an inconsistent experience as a whole for the end-user. Thankfully the dawn of the Rosin and Hash Edible scene is upon us. Let's start correctly and call it as we see it. Space Gems, Papa and Barkley, and Om Edibles have been and are continuing to innovate what it means to be a reputable cannabis manufacturer.

From day one, Space Gems founder Wendy Baker has understood that sacrificing quality for margins will end up being a mistake in the long run. Having perfected the Hash Edible category using Talking Trees Farms' inputs coupled with being gluten-free and vegan, Space Gems is poised to remain among the most successful edible brands in the California market. Their accomplishments have been the guiding light for many brands looking to enter this space.

Papa and Barkley are newly on the scene in this space as well. Having shocked the industry by going from one of the most reputable wellness brands to completely pivoting into the high-end rosin scene to once again innovating their brand and process to include a line of Rosin Chocolate. These chocolates provide a well-rounded high that doesn't spike and drop all within 30 minutes, thanks to the more wide-ranging spectrum of Cannabinoids offered from using a Rosin input.

Om Edibles already has a well-established reputation in the wellness and edible space. This year, with the starting material provided by Feeling Frosty Hash, Om Edibles will also be debuting a Rosin Edible offering, meeting and exceeding the past and present standards. I anticipate Om Edibles setting the tone for the future of edible collaborations and manufacturing practices in the Rosin Edible space. These edibles are carefully crafted with dietary restrictions in mind, such as gluten intolerance and a vegan diet.

So what does this mean for the consumer base hit hardest by edible dosing regulations? Well, here's the bad news first. You may end up paying between three and five dollars more at the counter. The good news, however, by far outweighs the bad. With increased bioavailability provided by a healthier base of ingredients and full spectrum inputs, your Dollar to milligram ratio begins to shift back into the consumers' favor.

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