THC buying is dying.

The answer as to why is not quite what you think it would be. It is not education, and it is not a price drop. It's something rather unexpected. With three years of cannabis legalization behind us, consumers are finally beginning to come around. During Prop. 215 and the infantile phases of Prop. 64 Cannabis consumers only had two metrics to purchase products on. THC content and price became the main driving factors in their decision. After Several Years of consumers using this buying method, I think the California consumers are sick of it.

In the late stages of Prop. 215, you begin to see ambiguous test results flooding the market, often giving consumers a misconceived notion about why they are enjoying any particular flower. With the introduction of high testing distillate at low rates, this only further confused the consumer. After three long years of this nonsense, there seems to be yet another market shift coming.

So what's driving this change? In my opinion, brand loyalty. Companies like Connected, Fig Farms, Source Cannabis, and several others are boasting more brand support this year than ever. When reaching for trusted brands, consumers are beginning to break out of the THC to $ ratio in their spending habits. This change in spending habits speaks to these companies' ability to provide a truly consistent and quality product. I don't care if my Gelonade is 20% or 30%. As a consumer, I know it is going to be consistent every single time. I do not care if my Kush Mint Cookies is 23% or 28%; I know it's going to provide a peak experience every single time.

A common problem from the supply chain side of things is shopping for your store based on THC. Many reps with quality Cannabis are getting sent to the info@ email or rejected only based on that test result. Arguably the worst menu I've seen all year was a store attempting to have an entirely over 30% THC menu causing lopsided brand presence and a mixed message in their menu. There was no brand cohesiveness, no retail brand message, no identified customer base to speak of, just THC over everything. After walking out and having purchased a preroll not to feel weird for wasting the budtenders' time, I became convinced 2021 was the year this all ends. Well, at least in California.

If you're retail is suffering from this kind of predicament, visit to look into ways you can break this cycle. There is far too much fantastic Cannabis, particularly in Northern California, at this point that we should not be selling ourselves or our consumers short.

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