Vintage Pheno Frenzy

What happened to indoor cultivators growing classic strains like Blue Dream, Silver Haze, Strawberry Cough, and Og Kush. Where did they go and why? When Adult-Use Cannabis went online in California, all of these strains seem almost to vanish overnight. California Data also shows that Top Shelf Cannabis currently sells better than Low Shelf Cannabis, so why has the high-end classics space remained empty for so long? I'd contend the first answer is the price point. Until now, nobody has given me a reason to shell out $65 or more on an 8th of Strawberry Cough or Super Silver Haze. Id also would contend the second reason to be representation. No brand has genuinely marketed these classics in a clean, concise, modern format. Until now, that is.

With more modern strains like Zkittlez, Gelato, Wedding Cake, and Biscotti, and all of the genetic variants they came with, taking center stage, the classics took a quiet bow and began to exit stage left. After a long intermission, particular companies have brought back the classics, with a closer eye to detail and an acute awareness of the coming shift in consumer spending habits.

As always, I will address the why first. Most classic strains have in common a significantly longer flowering time than genetics that produce quicker harvests. This is due to heavy Sativa influence in these classic genetic variants. Reason number two was the yields, with OG Kush varieties producing generally low weights, they had been supplemented for higher-yielding strains. Reason number three was demand, with a new wave of consumers exiting the black market looking for Zkittlez, Sherbert, Wedding Cake, and the like. This consumer had no interest in smoking Grandpas' strains. They wanted something new. However, with a hodgepodge of Cakes, Gelatos, and Pies flooding the market, consumers look to the past for a palette reset.

Cannabiotix is among the most highly regarded in this space. Cannabiotix started generally focused on live resin extracts in their early stages. After years of providing the world with superb extracts, they have come back on the scene with excellent indoor vintage expressions to compliment the already treasured extracts. Their Super Silver Haze hit an exceptionally high note for me. Testing high in Myrcene and Humulene ( also known as α-humulene or α-caryophyllene), this melody of terpenes promotes an incredibly sharp earthen, dare I say, savory profile it hits your palate. The splash of Limonene provides a well-rounded finish softening the overall expression with a hint of citrus on your exhale. An exceptionally focused head high quickly sets in preparing you for any given task at hand. This effect is rare in the current market due to flowering times and market shifts in consumer purchasing habits.

Source Cannabis has also perfected the art of the classic. After a meeting with the company they explained how they came to this result: Pheno hunting, Pheno hunting, Pheno hunting for months and months on end. Source Cannabis takes hundreds of blue dream variants, for instance, running terpene analysis and quality control on every single plant to determine which phenotype most closely represents the actual lineage and expression of any given variant.

When I first opened the jar of Source Cannabis Strawberry Cough, I found myself questioning everything I had come to know about modern cannabis. With a lavishly sweet berry and bold aroma that washed clear through even my N95 mask, I couldn't believe my nose, so I decided to try my eyes. When I looked in the jar, I saw entirely hand manicured nugs—all ranging above .3g in weight, preventing an 8th full of smalls from ever entering the marketplace. I also saw the light green nugs with trichomes gently dancing in the light of a dimmed office. After smoking a Joint, I was delighted. The terpenes gave me an immediate rush of memories of my early days washed over me as my mind instantly took itself back down memory lane.

Looking forward, 2021 has many surprises in store for us all, I'm sure. However, one of the happiest surprises of them all will be the indoor vintage strain category's growth state and nationwide.

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